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For the people, who want the very best a luxury cruise ship is the only choice. But very special events, like a 25th wedding anniversary, a honeymoon, or a recovery from a severe illness call for a very special cruise - which might be the trip of your lifetime.

For most of the cruise lines you find a couple of weeks that are lower than others and/or shorter cruises. If you have read other pages of my website, you will know that so far my favorite cruise ship is the Queen Mary 2 from Cunard. In October I will go with a group on Queen Victoria, the little sister of the QM2, out of Venice to the Greek Isles and Istanbul to Rome.

I am planning for 2011 the following luxury cruises, and when I am back from any of these, I will write about my experience when I am back:
Regent Seven Seas - 6-star luxury - all inclusive cruises
On this all suites ship, even most land excursions are included, tips, flights from many airports are included, and beer, wine, water, etc.
There is one cruise that starts at just under $ 3,000 for a week on January 4, 2011.
The cheapest cabins are already sold out, but for about $ 3300 some are left. For less than $ 5000 you find a penthouse suite with butler service.

Yachts of Seabourn - small luxury cruises
I nearly went on one of their ships last December, but I was on a training seminar for a week in Ft. Lauderdale and came back late at night on the 6th of December. My daughter had invited me to a concert that night in Tampa, the next day was my birthday, when I had to work all day, I would have had to fly out at 7 am the next day to get on the ship as you have to be the day before in St. Thomas to make sure you can get on the ship on the 9th. That was too much stress for me as I want to enjoy it. Seabourn offers some cruises in the beginning of 2011 for just over $ 2000. And that is what I am considering.

A Queens Grill Suite on QM2 or one of the other queens
I really like the Queen Mary and I believe that the newer smaller ship, Queen Victoria, is beautiful also. I travelled three times on the QM2 in a balcony cabin. Twice I booked an obstructed view, once I was lucky and was upgraded, once not. But leaving New York toward Canada the life boat was a great windshield and we had a lot of sun on the balcony. What I really would like to try their Queens Grill Suites. They offer much more than the regular cabins. If you are interested, I can send you a special information sheet about the grills on the queens.

There are more luxury cruises I would like to take, but I cannot do more in a year (out of two reasons, one is the higher price, the other is time, I also have to accompany one church group on Carnival and probably one on a river cruise in Europe).

Would you like some suggestions for a special event, or a world cruise, or ???? Please call or e-mail me and I will make you some suggestions. For many cruises either Cruise Planners or American Express have established groups with group benefits in which I can book you, even if you are travelling alone. Please note that I cannot advertise group rates to the general public, but I can offer them to you if you contact me. The reason for me to buy the franchise from Cruise Planners was that I have access to all cruise lines and have groups available for many sailings that I can offer to my customers.

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