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Finally we have information about the first three World Cruises on Cunard's Queens, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth. I sailed on the first two and I will be on the Elizabeth early September on a cruise to the Holy Land.

The Cruise Lines change the itinerary of the World Cruises every year to make sure that their customers like it and not go to a different cruise line for their next World Cruise.
Cunard, who invented the World Cruise, is following this tradition with the now announced World Cruises.

I will provide the World Cruise Information for Cunard below and as soon as I receive information from the other cruise lines, I will ad these as well. Please note that If you are interested to find the best itineraray on the 2014 World Cruises, let me know and I will send you the information as soon as I get it.

Let us start with my fabourite ship, Queen Mary 2, who will be celebrating her 10th Anniversary years on the 2014 World Cruise. Some of the highlights: Cunard's famous Oceanliner, the Queen Mary 2

Cunard's Flagship Queen Maryt 2 World Cruise 2014 - her 10th Anniversary
Cunard's Queen Vicoria, the little sister of the Queen Mary 2
Queen Victoria will sail on a worldwide adventure from Fort Lauderdale or Southampton featuring South America and the best destinations of the Pacific.
Sail on a World Cruise on Queen Victoria  2014
Cunard's newest Ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth will show you a lot of the Far East on her 2014 World Voyage.

Cunard's Queen Elizabeth on her World Cruise 2014

Do not want to wait until 2014? There are still World Cruises 2013 segments available and when I checked last time, there was still the possibility to book a full World Cruise, but with limited selection of cabins and cabin classes. Call me at (813) 992 - 0502.

January 2011 I fulfilled my dream, I went on a World Cruise (only the first segment on Queen Mary 2 from New York to Montevideo and then a Southern Transatlantic to Cape Town, where we stayed for two days).

What a great experience this was. The group of passengers was very diverse. We met many people who had been on several World Cruises before and some on their first World Cruise. One couple had never cruised before and went on a full World Cruise without knowing if they liked cruising and ships at all. Needless to say - they loved it.

When planning a World Cruise be aware of the fact, that experienced travel agents can offer you more perks just because they know. And you never pay more than booking directly from the cruise lines, all past guest prices are available for you also - and for nearly all World Cruises there are groups with additional benefits.

Here are only some examples that I would like to share with you.

You will be travelling for several months on the World Cruise. You want to make sure that you know other people sailing on the ship. When my wife and I sailed on the first segment of the World Cruise on QM2 we were part of the American Express Mariner's Club Group of about 70 people. The advantage was that you meet fellow passengers on Coctail parties and during each segment American Express offers a free very special shore excursion. In our case it was a wine tasting in Montevideo, Uruguay to a small winery with a great wine tasting and lunch. The steak was large, the people in Uruguay and Argentina like their meat - and the quality was great.

Important to know

Please note: For most World Cruises and Segments I can book you into American Express Groups, as Cruise Planners is an American Express Travel Partner. You do not have to pay with an American Express Card to receive Mariner's Club Benefits.
A host that is available for you, coctail parties, and several special land excursions are the benefits of the Mariner's Club.

There are still cabins available on most World Cruises on Cunard, Princess, Crystal, Yachts of Seabourn, and Holland America cruise lines. Cunard is very famous for their world cruises as they always have two ships sailing around the world and they were the first ever organizing a World Cruise. Please let me know.

What are the prices for a full World Cruise

World Cruises start at just under $ 20,000 per person and the highest priced suites are $ 200,000 +. The more you want to spend, the earlier you should book your World Cruise, as the most expensive suites usually sell first.

Interested in a full World Cruise or a segment? Send me an e-mail or give me a call.
Please send me an e-mail to or cal me at (813) 992-0502 for more information.

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I am not quite sure if I will be able to make it as I am not retired and I have another six or seven years to work - but I may never retire. I am planning to go on the World Cruise 2014 on Queen Mary 2, my favorite ship; but I am not sure if I can leave the business for four months. The problem is that my wife and I have three businesses. For our real estate office we have someone to cover; we have a friend working for us for over 15 years in the business. For the internet business it is not a problem at all as there is internet on the ship (but slow, like dial-up 20 years ago), but it worked for us 2011 when we travelled a segment. For the travel business I need to find a partner who can cover me. My younger sister just went into early retirement, maybe that could work out. I will let you know, if I cannot go on the full World Cruise 2014, I plan to go on two or three segments through Asia/Australia.

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